Burgers This Good Shouldn’t Be Surprising

They should be expected.

We’ve been taking the burger for granted for way too long. Break away from the assembly line of stale excuses for a burger and come in to American Burger Bar for something truly unique. We make burgers that taste like they should: flippin’ good. Skip the drive through and come in for our world famous Juicy Klucy, made with Kobe beef (that’s right, Kobe beef), stuffed with Wisconsin Cheddar and topped with Monterey Jack. If that doesn't do it for you, we have 20 gourmet burgers to choose from, or you can build your own. See what you've been missing in a burger at American Burger Bar.

Flippin’ good burgers and more

At American Burger Bar, we hope to restore the prestige of quality burgers. Our chef burgers are one of a kind, cooked to order and topped with the perfect flavors and textures. These burgers go best with a cold drink, and we have a full bar featuring carefully selected brews and spirits to complement your meal. Looking for more than a burger? American Burger Bar also has homemade bison chili, a wide selection of soups, sandwiches and starters and a dessert menu featuring sundaes, floats and dessert concoctions for those 21+.

Quality American food is in your neighborhood

With our location in St. Paul, we’re sure to be your neighborhood’s best spot for exceptional American cuisine. Break away from assembly line burgers and come in for a cuisine and atmosphere that is distinctive of American tradition. Come in with friends and family for lunch or late-night drinks and dining today!